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6 Lunch Ideas for Back to School

Adrienne Oliver

Adrienne got her start in Real Estate as an investor/landlord in 2004...

Adrienne got her start in Real Estate as an investor/landlord in 2004...

Feb 8 3 minutes read

If you are like me back to school means my house swings into a kid/schooling machine.  Between, Soccer, Choir and Cheerleading befor and after school I have little time to prepare those designer lunches I would love to provide.  This lunch list is a great for kids tastes and approved by my 12 and 10 year olds.

1) Sandwich substitutes:

My kids are PB&J fans, so that is good for us for at least a couple days a week.  They are pick about any other type of "sandwich".  My solution are ham and cheese roll-ups.  Just as easy but make them feel fancy at lunch.  Lay tortilla flat, spread softened cream cheese put ham on top and roll up and cut into segments.  If your kids will do lettuce or tomatoes you could add these as well and consider yourself LUCKY!  You can use any type of lunch meat such as turkey if you prefer.

2) Fruit:

Apple Slices.  I love these, but often times when your kids get to eat them by lunch they have turned brown and gross.  My solution is to cut them up, and soak in 2 cups of cold water with 1/8 tsp salt.  This will keep them fresh for lunch the next day.

3) Dessert:  

My kids favorite homemade brownies.  I make a pan of these one day (might eat 1 or 2) and cut them up put in snack ziplocks for easy grab and go during the week.

4)Breakfast for Lunch:

My daughter absolutely loves breakfast. Sometimes with my busy schedule as well as their making a sandwich is too hard.  My solution is Cereal, Grapes and Cheese.  Its just that simple.  The picture below adds a couple extra times.  It's easy, quick and they will eat it.. what more do we need!

5) Make your own Taco Salad

Tortilla Chip "scoops", Canned beans rinsed and dried/taco meat, shredded cheese, lettuce and tomatoes.  Separate this into a container with sections, add a drink and consider lunch DONE! (This picture is the fancy version after assembly at lunch time, my kids would never do the green onion)

6) Meatloaf sliders

My son is a meatloaf fanatic.  One day after a crazy day I am out of tortillas and bread.  I have some slider buns and meatloaf left overs from the night before.  Cut the meatloaf to fit the slider bun and put some ketchup on it.  12 year old boy heaven is what my son called it!  I started making mini meatloaves in a muffin tin after that.

I hope these ideas help you and your family start school!  Please let me know if you have any question about any of lunch solutions.  I have tried these all myself and they are battle tested.  I've found a lot of ideas, that just either require too much time or my kids won't eat!

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